troy unnice

Troy and Unnice Alley envisioned an organization that would assist deserving minority students with their education and career goals by providing scholarships, networking and career opportunities.  As a result, the Alley Scholars a non-profit organization was founded in 2010.  This organization is supported by the Troy and Unnice Alley Foundation along with the Gerald and Candace Alley Foundation.  The Alley Scholars Summit offers personal development forums, job fairs and internship programs.  It also hosts the Alley Scholars Shark Tank Challenge Business Plan Competition which allows aspiring collegiate entrepreneurs to receive feedback from professional judges.

More than 300 students in the fields of Engineering and Business are in attendance representing various colleges and  universities from different states.  Distinguished guest speakers representing  businesses also support and participate in the event.

This program is founded on the philosophy of giving back As each scholar advances and prospers in their careers, it is our hope that they will become inspired to give the gift of opportunity to other young scholars, therefore; helping future generations to achieve success.