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Our Story

Troy & Unnice Alley


"Giving is like a boomerang, it just keeps coming back to you"

Troy and Unnice Alley envisioned an organization that would assist deserving minority students with their education and career goals by providing scholarships, networking and career opportunities. As a result, the Alley Scholars a non-profit organization was founded in 2010. This organization is supported by the Troy and Unnice Alley Foundation along with the Gerald and Candace Alley Foundation. The Alley Scholars Summit offers personal development forums, job fairs and internship programs. It also hosts the Alley Scholars Shark Tank Challenge Business Plan Competition which allows aspiring collegiate entrepreneurs to receive feedback from professional judges.

Our Impact

Over +3000 students have attended our annual summit and +$50,000 has been given out through our Shark Tank Challenge to support young minority entrepreneurship!

Things We Offer Our Scholars

Providing scholarships for students who are already attending a college or university but need additional resources for undergraduate, graduate or potential entrepreneurship endeavors.
Entrepreneur Network
Numerous opportunities provided through social networking functions to develop and establish contacts and connections for career growth.
Career Connection
Students from various colleges and universities obtain professional career guidance from mixers/mentors and valuable connections at fortune 500 companies.

Stories from Successful Scholars

The Alley Scholars Summit is a powerful, transitional, and inspirational bridge to work life for progressive, ambitious college students who are fortunate enough to benefit from the Summit experience. It was a privilege for me to share my fifty years of career experience with these dynamic young people, many of whom will become our great success stories of tomorrow.”

Obie Mckenzie

Managing Director at BlackRock, Inc.
When those who have come before you make it their mission to help remove the road blocks in your way; provide the resources you need; and support you with the wisdom of their experiences, you will be on your path to greatness. The Alley Scholars changed my life in this way. Not only do I owe them a great deal of thanks for my success, but I owe this gift to those who come after me."

Ben Onukwube

Co-Founder & EVP at ArkaTechs, LLC

Our Supporters

Our Sponsors and Supports are pivotal in our success and provide our scholars with a variety of services:

Previous summit speakers have included Fortune 100 & 500 C-Suite Executives, Technological Entrepreneurs, NASA astronauts, and Professional sport franchise owners.

Our panelist lead discussions on diverse topics facing today's students transitioning into the corporate world.

Students acquire insights, motivation, and guidance in various aspects of careers progression from successful minority industry leaders

With both internship and full-time positions, our sponsored companies provide many career opportunities for our select group of scholars giving them a unique experience.

We welcome all contributions to assist in educating our deserving scholars! When you give to the Alley Scholars, you're helping shape and develop future minority world changers. Contributions regularly makes an enduring and lasting difference in the lives of deserving students around the nation. Please fill out the form below and select the patron level you would like to contribute:

A Message from Rosalind Brewer, President and CEO of Sam’s Club

Thank you to all our major sponsors and supporters who have continually assisted us in achieving our mission!

Our Programs


The Alley Scholars Programs aspire to develop today's best and brightest minority students into tomorrow's business and engineering leaders. Our flagship program, the Alley Scholars Summit brings together select students from colleges and universities across the country and professionals across the nation to participate in leadership development workshops and networking activities. In addition, we host the Alley Scholars Innovation Challenge a competition focused on business plan development and social entrepreneurship, culminating in a presentation to venture capitalist judges. Throughout this challenge scholars have the opportunity to hone their entrepreneurial mindset and business presentation for a chance at winning prizes.


2019 Alley Scholars Summit

    2019 Alley Scholars Innovation Challenge

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      Be sure to check our news below for all the latest updates and information surrounding the upcoming summit. Also check out the photos from our previous Alley Scholars Summits which gives some insight into the scholar experience.


      *Attention all Students, Sponsor, and University summit attendees:* Please be advised that the deadline to register for the 2017 Alley Scholars Summit has be extended to February 10th, 2017. Students: If you haven’t already, be sure to complete the online Student Registration Form found in the Alley Scholars Summit Registration section (above) of the...

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